forums forums present a great learning opportunity, one which I’ve started to participate in more. Here are some vehicles I designed as a response to a “Daily Sketch Group” challenge:

Three futuristic vehicles
The challenge was to design three vehicles using a black and white colour scheme

Listing my influences was fun, tho’ they were almost all games and anime from the 90s! :O Another interesting experimental part of how I tackled this was to use Manga Studio for the first time. As I’ve been practising my artwork more I’ve come to realise how at-home I feel using line to render stuff. Manga Studio made it feel pretty natural to be using line digitally.

#AltDevBlogADay articles I’ve written

[#AltDevBlogADay has been down for a while. I wrote four articles; half of them were picked-up here by ~3/10/2014]

In order to help me learn from others in the community and also to put a bit of deadline fear into me, I started posting on #AltDevBlogADay at the start of this month. I have two articles up there, and was pleased to find the first one re-published on – a site I’ve probably visited for the last decade! The best thing to come out of this has been the chance to share my ideas with people and get some (phew!) positive responses. This is a diagram I’ve been signing in the air to students to try to explain how there are different kinds of game design work in the games industry:

Creativity space charting different areas of design work
Creativity space charting different areas of design work


Published (black & white) in Tales of the Tanoox, a positive change comics anthology edited by Richy K Chandler, August 2015.

Click the top-left image to begin reading:

The Meditation on the Sacred Utterances

Published in Wu Wei, an anthology of spiritual comics edited by Mike Medaglia, August 2013. “[A] beautifully illustrated meditative 4-pager” ~ Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier [Link].

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