Made using motion capture and hand-keyed animation, Skyleigh TRANSFORM!! is a final project film from a year of 3D Computer Animation study and practice at Bournemouth University. It aims to showcase a thoughtfully-wrought character learning how she can use her creativity-powered abilities. For more “making of” this project, search for articles tagged “Skyleigh” on

The pre-production for the Skyleigh project investigated transformation sequences from Japanese “magical girl” genre anime, considering which themes and motifs to maintain, and which reimagine. Music for this animatic is by @shemusic.

For Renewal, I worked on storyboarding, rigging, animation, and post-production as one of a multi-disciplinary team of five filmmakers. Inspired by still photography of snow-covered landscapes, we aimed to create aesthetically pleasing imagery while overcoming technical challenges that included modelling detailed trees, fluid simulation, and custom surface shaders.

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emeraldsong is the creative practice of Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson