150606_eos_photoHi, I’m Emmeline, 2D & 3D Artist. I’ve been drawing since I was little, imitating the illustrations in Fighting Fantasy books, making up exciting worlds, and brave adventurers to explore them. In the 90s I discovered videogames and anime, later diving into the worlds of manga / comics, too. I started to make things that reached a public audience, initially as a writer and illustrator in fanzines devoted to Japanese RPGs and science fictional robots.

I’ve not stopped drawing and writing since then, and have learned Japanese and recently completed a year of postgraduate 3D computer animation. My industry experience includes working on Heavenly Sword and Viking: Battle for Asgard games, and my illustration work has been commissioned for books, retail stores, online games and more. I’ve also tallied up numerous workshop and public speaking engagements to audiences up to 200 people.

emeraldsong is a hub for the things I create and the projects I’m engaged with. Beyond this website, there are shoots of emeraldsong creativity blossoming around the web, so please visit the links on the right to various social media and artists’ networking sites.

Thank you for visiting!

emeraldsong is the creative practice of Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson