#AltDevBlogADay articles I’ve written

[#AltDevBlogADay has been down for a while. I wrote four articles; half of them were picked-up here by Gamasutra.com ~3/10/2014]

In order to help me learn from others in the community and also to put a bit of deadline fear into me, I started posting on #AltDevBlogADay at the start of this month. I have two articles up there, and was pleased to find the first one re-published on Gamasutra.com – a site I’ve probably visited for the last decade! The best thing to come out of this has been the chance to share my ideas with people and get some (phew!) positive responses. This is a diagram I’ve been signing in the air to students to try to explain how there are different kinds of game design work in the games industry:

Creativity space charting different areas of design work
Creativity space charting different areas of design work

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  1. I love the whole idea, and I’m glad to have the poster to show students and others. One minor area of disagreement, though: most of the AAA creative directors I’ve met have been firmly on the “audience” side of the graph. Indie creatives, on the other hand, are sometimes so far towards the “heart” side that they forget the audience entirely. :)

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